Top 10 Smallest Things in the World (Part 2)



We’ve already established some pretty small stuff floating around our planet. To find out the rest of the top 10 smallest things in the world, just keep reading! We’ve broken down the final five freakishly small subject for you to giggle, awe and amaze over. Check out man and nature-made teensy wonders.

Number Five: One of the Smallest Things – a Tiny Prison

The smallest prison in the world is Sark Prison located in the Chanel Islands. Originally built in 1856, it only holds two prisoners at once. Hopefully, they have enough room for a shower in there, as things get really cozy in shared cells.

Number Four: The World’s Tiniest Species of Frog

Who doesn’t love frogs? The smallest known species of frog is the Paedophryne Amauensis. This tiny guy is smaller than a housefly, and his brown coloring helps him hide from predators. To give you a better idea of just how itty bitty he is, he can fit comfortably on a dime. Watch where you step!

Number Three: The World’s Smallest Park

The smallest park in the world is Mill End Park. Located in Oregon, it spans only two feet. Its singular tree, a stunted pine, takes up almost the whole thing. Obviously, it’s more for decoration, as it wouldn’t comfortably fit more than a small child in its intimate diameter.

Number Two: The World’s Tiniest Grown Adult Man

The smallest grown man in the world is named Edward Nino Hernandez. He weighs 22 pounds, about the same as a medium-sized puppy. He’s topped off at 27 inches tall, just over two feet. For reference, most babies top two feet in their first year of life, and most toilets stand over two feet tall.

Number One: The World’s Tiniest Lizard

Forget everything you think you know about tiny animals! The world’s smallest lizard, the Jaragua Sphaero, is smaller than your pinky fingernail. Only found in the Dominican Republic, this little guy lives off of microscopic insects and teeny tiny bites of local plants. Who can say what other minuscule miracles are out there? Be on the lookout for other fun lists, and thanks for reading!

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