Top 10 Smallest Things in the World (Part 1)



There’s a lot of weird stuff in this world of ours, and we’re sure you want to know all about it! Have you ever wondered just how small stuff can get? Read on to find out about the first five of the 10 smallest things in the world. And we’re not talking about things that are supposed to be small. We’re talking about everything from horses and cars to weapons and bridges. You’ll be amazed at just how tiny things are. Stay tuned for part two, heading your way soon!

Number Ten: The World’s Smallest Horse

The smallest horse in the world is shorter than a St. Bernard! His owners named him Einstein, probably hoping his brain grows better than his legs. While there are other tiny horses with dwarfism, Einstein is the only one who was just born this way.

Number Nine: One of the Smallest Things – a 50-Pound Car

While toy cars can be small, the smallest car legally allowed to be driven on a public road is the Peel. Weighing in at just 50 pounds, NBA players need not apply to drive this blue beauty.

Number Eight: The World’s Tiniest Gun

The smallest gun in the world is only two inches long! But, this Swiss-made weapon really packs a punch and can fire bullets up to 270 miles per hour. Someone tell M that Bond’s found his next weapon.

Number Seven: The World’s Smallest House

The smallest known house on our planet is located just outside of San Francisco. Its builder, Jay Shafer, named it Tumbleweed after its rusty red and natural brown colors. Good luck finding this place in the woods.

Number Six: The World’s Smallest Bridge

The Zavikon Bridge is the smallest international bridge in the world. Just 32 feet long, it spans a tiny strip of water between an island belonging to the United States, and an island belonging to Canada. Paging all escapees: the border is only 32 feet away! No one can resist the tiny and adorable things found all over our big world. Can’t get enough of the insanely small? Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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