Top 10 Ridiculous Paintings That Sold For Millions (Part 2)



Recently we brought you part one of this list of paintings that somehow sold for gigantic sums. We learned that not only can some artists get away with making ridiculously simple art, but also that they can manage to be unbelievably unimaginative with naming the piece, and still sell it for millions. Looking at some of these makes me wonder if these artists were intentionally making something ridiculous. Here is part two of our list of obscenely overpriced art.

Number Five: ‘Peinture (Le Chien)’ by Joan Miro

The work of this famous Spanish artist sold for $2.2 million. Does it look like something your five-year-old neighbor could do? That’s what I was thinking as well.

Number Four: ‘Untitled’ by Cy Twombly

We have another “untitled” piece, created by an American artist in 1970. Perhaps Mr. Twombly was so┬ámystified by his own talent that he could not find the words worthy enough to describe this work of art. It sold for $2.3 million at an auction.

Number Three: ‘White Fire I’ by Barnett Newman

Another New York-based visionary, Newman is a name famed for representing the post-war era. I can’t really say, however, that I see that connection with this piece, which apparently represents his signature style quite well in all its complex and nuanced glory. This painting went for $3.8 million.

Number Two: ‘The Fool’ by Christopher Wool

This New York-based artist is not as famous as some of the others on the list, so I’m sure he was excited to make this huge sale. His painting sold for $5 million, and may or may not have been intended to describe the person who would purchase it for such a sum in the future.

Number One: ‘Untitled’ by Mark Rothko, the Most Expensive on Our┬áList of Expensive Paintings

We have yet another “untitled” on our list, but this is the final one. This piece was done in 1961 and definitely takes the cake for ridiculousness. The breathtaking masterpiece sold for $28 million. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of the top 10 most ridiculous paintings that sold for disgustingly huge amounts of money.

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