Top 10 Richest NBA Players of All Time (Part 2)



Welcome back to our list of the top 10 richest NBA players. In part two, we’ll get even deeper into the pool of incredible NBA talent – and we’ll get into some deeper pockets, as well. Read below for more rich NBA bank accounts.

Number Five: NBA Player Dirk Nowitzki

With $204 million, Dirk is the most well-off European player on this list. He is also arguably the greatest European player of all time. He has the distinction of being the best player on an NBA championship team, and even if it only happened once, Dirk will retire having pretty much accomplished everything he could have hoped for when he came to the United States from Germany.

Number Four: Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan is known as The Big Fundamental. He might be the least flashy player on this list, but he’s definitely not the poorest. He’s played for the San Antonio Spurs his whole career – which means they have provided him all of the $224 million he’s been paid for playing basketball.

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Min-suk KIM aka Kwang33

Number Three: Kevin Garnett

The career of Kevin Garnett is definitely winding down – but he’s back with his original team, the Minnesota Timberwolves. And he has helped to revolutionize the power forward position – even as new power forwards continue to do so today. The competitive old vet will probably always be around basketball, even though he could easily retire with his $315 million.

Number Two: Kobe Bryant

The player nicknamed the Black Mamba is one of the most divisive, controversial figures in NBA history. He was the biggest scoring phenomenon for many years, replacing Michael Jordan as the shooting guard of his generation – even though his reputation as a person was as far from Michael as it could get. He made a lot of friends, maybe more enemies, and $279 million along the way. It’s his last year in the league now, as he’s announced his retirement. But he’ll be just fine.

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Number One: LeBron James

LeBron will go down as one of the best basketball players to have ever lived. Period. Like Kobe, LeBron has his made his share of haters and doubters. But anyone who thinks he hasn’t been the best player in the game every year he’s played – at least until very recently – is lying to themselves. He’s made $130 playing the game so far, but it looks like he’s got more than a few years left in him. Thanks for reading!

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