Top 10 Online Casino Winners of All Time



Online casinos can be a lot of fun. The best online casino sites can win you thousands – even millions – of dollars, and with an online casino real money is a real possibility. With that in mind, here we present our list of the top 10 online casino winners of all time. Check out these 10 lucky stories below. You might be surprised by what you see!

Number Ten: A Very Merry Christmas. In 2013, one Swedish man based out of Stockholm had an extra special Christmas when he won over four million pounds playing an online slot game with Unibet Online Casino. The game was called Arabian Nights and was developed by Net Entertainment, a Swedish gaming developer. At the time, the man became the second largest winner the online casino had ever seen.

Top 10 Online Casino Winners of All Time

Number Nine: Big Fish in a Small Pond. One member got super lucky while playing at the Palladium Lounge’s PartyGaming VIP Club. The winner had placed a bet of just $45 on the Gold Mega Jackpot game at, but his return was a far greater $4.9 million. Impressively, this was not his first experience hitting the jackpot – he had won $50,000 and $100,000 playing online casinos before.

Top 10 Online Casino Winners of All Time

Number Eight: Mega Moolah for the Win. In 2008, a Finnish man got lucky while playing the Mega Moolah slot at Blackjack Ballroom Online Casino. The man, named Klaus, was so excited about winning that he said his hands were even shaking! And we can’t blame him – he won over $5 million.

Number Seven: More Fish in the Sea. In 2013, a humble fisherman hit it big when he played the Hall of Gods slot game at BetVictor Online Casino. The man, who has kept his identity a secret (probably a good idea), won approximately 6.4 million Euros. He had bid just 20 pence.

Number Six: The Dark Knight Gets Rich. In 2013, a man named John Orchard won 5.8 million pounds while playing a themed game called The Dark Knight online video slot. Orchard had a full-time job at the time; however, he decided to use his winnings to quit his job and enjoy his life.

Top 10 Online Casino Winners of All Time

Number Five: Striking Gold. This story involves two big winners. The name of the game is Gold Rally, and it was developed by Playtech, a casino software developer. In December of 2013, one winner got lucky then they won $6.3 million. And that’s not all! Another big winner around that same time won nearly $300,000.

Top 10 Online Casino Winners of All Time

Number Four: Slot Machine Success. This is another story about the Mega Moolah slot game, mentioned above. In 2009, one man named Georgios won $8.6 million – in cash, no less – while playing at River Belle Online Casino. The man was a business owner at the time, but when he won, his new title became the winner of the largest online casino jackpot. He was inspired to keep believing that anyone could pursue their dreams if they believe.

Number Three: The Millionaire’s Club. One lucky lady hit the jackpot big when she won 7.6 million Euros playing Unibet Online Casino’s Hall of Gods slot game. She was so surprised by the win that she couldn’t believe it, and she decided to use the money to pay off previous debt and possibly buy a new car. At the time, the woman was Unibet Casino’s biggest winner of all time.

Number Two: A Record-Breaking Win. Here’s one for the books! In 2011, one man in Norway was suffering from insomnia when he tried to see if he could cure it with a little online casino playing. And boy, he was glad he did, because he ended up winning 11.7 million Euros after playing with With his winnings, he set the Guinness World Record for the largest jackpot payout in an online slots game ever. The game he was playing is called Mega Fortune.

Number One: Super Slots. This is the ultimate story of rags to riches. One Finnish man bet just 25 cents in a slot game called Mega Fortune and came away with approximately $24 million! The winner said that he was so excited he laughed and cried at the same time. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 online casino winners of all time!

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