Top 10 Most Ridiculous Murder Cases (Part 2)



Welcome back to our list of the craziest murder cases of all time. Or at least, the most ridiculous murders in recent history. We covered half of them in part one, but they get even stranger here in part two. Read below for more.

Number Five: The Murder of Sandra Neace

Stanley Neace was recognized for having a terrible anger problem, as alleged by his own landlord. In fact, it was his anger problem which led the landlord to begin the process of evicting Stanley. But before Stanley could be evicted, he murdered his wife and several of his neighbors – apparently because his wife did not serve him warm enough eggs.

Number Four: The Murder of Rebecca Aylward

Davies would constantly joke to his friends about killing his ex – or at least, they assumed it was a joke. One day, one of his friends joked back that if he went through with it, he would buy Davies a free lunch. Davies brutally beat his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Aylward to death and then texted his friend about that breakfast.

Number Three: The Murder of Dylan Lee Edmondson

Alexandra Tobias once found her own mother dead. She later a child with a boyfriend who left her after she became pregnant. She dealt with her heartbreak by playing the Facebook game Farmville. But one day her baby Dylan wouldn’t stop making noise during one of her Farmville sessions, so she murdered that baby.

Number Two: The Murder of Kenneth Matthews

Franklin Paul Crow always argued with his roommate about the absence of toilet paper in their home. One day, the lack of a square to spare was just too much for Franklin, so he murdered his roommate Kenneth with not one, but two varieties of hammer: sledge and claw.

Number One: The Murder of Richard Rovetto

Scott Humphries punched Richard Rovetto when the former found out that the latter had poked his girlfriend on Facebook. He then punched him again, causing him to fall and crack his head on the pavement, killing him. That’s all for this list of the 10 most ridiculous murders. Thanks for reading!

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