Top 10 Most Ridiculous Murder Cases (Part 1)



Welcome to the 10 most ridiculous murders list. Obviously, there are always absurd murder cases happening all over, the motivations – or what pass as motivations – in these cases might just be the most absurd you’ve ever heard. Read below to find out more in part one, and be on the lookout for part two (coming soon).

Number Ten: Most Ridiculous Murder by Robert Lyons

Robert Lyons was a 40-year-old man whose mom refused to get in touch with a friend who had access to Avril Lavigne tickets. He flew into a mad rage at his mother’s refusal and smashed her over the head with a Cognac bottle. That didn’t kill her, though – it was the nine times he stabbed his unconscious mother that did it.

Number Nine: The Murder by Janelle Potter

Janelle was unfriended by a couple. Innocent enough, right? Although she was upset enough to mention the unfriending to her father, even Janelle might agree that murder would be a bit much. But after she complained to her father, he then contacted a woman who was in love with Janelle. The two of them murdered the unfriending couple on Janelle’s behalf.

Number Eight: The Murder by Candice Brito and Vanessa Zavala

The two women – both in their twenties – beat the slightly younger Annie Kim Pham to death outside of a club. The received eleven years in prison for their violent murder. Their so-called motivation? Annie Kim Pham photo bombed the two women.

Number Seven: The Murder by Alexander Zajac

This 13-year-old boy in Russia killed his older sister – who was 17 at the time of her death –  because she took the remote control from him. How did he do it? Oh, he shot her close range in the face with a hunting rifle.

Number Six: The Murder of Blake Fasler

Blake died after being stabbed by his twin brother. There must have been a pretty serious and ongoing sibling rivalry there because the stabbing occurred as a result of an argument over a pack of gum. Didn’t take much for one twin to stab the other in the chest. That’s it for part one, check for part two, coming soon!

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