Top 10 Most Ironic Deaths in History (Part 2)



The first five most ironic deaths in history presented in our part one article really got you think, and maybe even got you to giggle. If you are not feeling lucky enough yet, maybe our top five most ironic deaths will get the feeling to sink in! It hurts to say it, but we sure got a kick out of them!

Number Five: No More Helmets. Phillip A. Contos was a participant in a rally motorcycle ride of more than 500 people against a new state law for mandatory motorcycle helmets. However, he picked a bad day to crash his bike. He flew off his Harley after hitting the brakes, and died after crushing his skull against the road. Medical professionals have claimed that he would have survived the impact, if he had been wearing a helmet.

Number Four: Wrong Place, Wrong Time. At the time of the Toronto Eaton Centre Mass Shooting, one prospective victim in terror was young Jessica Gowie. After her life being spared at this massacre, she went on to become a blogger, and soon a sports broadcaster. She had picked a bad day to visit that mall, and soon picked a bad night to see a movie. At age 24, she was shot at the notorious screening of The Dark Knight Rises. James Holmes released tear gas in the theater, and killed eleven other people as well.

Number Three: Plane Crash. In Wichita, Kansas, four people met their ironic deaths. After taking off, a practice plane from the airport crashed into a nearby flight safety building after engine failure. The pilot and three of the people working in the flight safety building were lost to the accident. The worst part is, the three people in the flight safety building were actually in progress of a flight simulation.

Number Two: The Texting Curse. We are warning you now, there really is a curse that if you text about your death, it will happen. That is just what happened to this unlucky, 18-year-old texter, named Taylor Sauer. She was trying to get around to doing the right thing, and was texting her friend that she would talk to her later because she was driving. However, seconds after the message was sent, she drove her car straight into a tanker. Needless to say, she didn’t survive.

Number One: Striking Team. During a football game in Congo, a random lightning strike hit the game field as two teams were in play. Of all the players, eleven were killed by electrocution. The weird part is that all of the victims were on the same team; the opposing team remained untouched. The fans who witnessed this immediately accepted it as black magic, as the area is renowned for its presence of witchcraft.

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