Top 10 Most Ironic Deaths in History (Part 1)



Death is never an easy thing to understand though maybe some comic relief will help you out; we have the 10 most ironic deaths ever to occur in history. It may be cruel to find these events to be entertaining, but these deaths deserve some recognition. Look at it this way: they will never be forgotten! Read on to find out how it all happen, and just be thankful it didn’t happen to you. Also, don’t forget to check back soon for our part two article, with the five most ironic deaths of them all!

Number Ten: Lifeguard Party. A man by the name of Jerome Moody attended what was actually a party for lifeguards one evening in New Orleans. The next morning, he was found dead in the pool of the location after drowning. Sadly, the event was held in honor of the first summer that no one had drowned in the recreation facility’s pool. How do you drown at a party full of lifeguards?

Number Nine: Segway Crash. James W. Hesselton became the owner of the Segway company after recently purchasing the rights. However, he is now dead after using the product that he owned. Hesselton was seen driving his Segway of a cliff of 30 feet near London. Obviously, the fall and the Segway had killed him.

Number Eight: Justice is Served. In 2008, a weird action of justice took place in Kentucky. A 70-year-old man named Mel Ignato fell face first into his glass coffee table, and bled to death after being stuck so deeply by the glass. Don’t feel bad for him yet; a glass table was also what he bound his ex-girlfriend to 20 years before. That is, right before he tortured and raped the poor woman to death.

Number Seven: Death Row. Criminal Lawrence Baker was sent to death row after he mugged a who he beat and later shot all on Christmas Day. He was originally to be sent to the electric chair, but the sentence was later changed to life in prison. However, during his sentence, he had tried to use faulty handmade headphones on an aluminum toilet and was shocked to death. Well, he was just meant to be electrocuted to death.

Number Six: Organic Attack. If any of you remember The Dick Cavett show from the 70s, you might remember this odd event. J. I. Rodale fell dead on the set at 72 years of age, just as Cavett was interviewing another guest. Rodale was starring as a guest to explain his healthy lifestyle of organic foods. However, he died of a heart attack on spot. Before his death, he was witnessed to have said that he “had never felt better” and would live to be 100 years old. Don’t forget to check back soon for our part two article, with the five most ironic deaths of them all!

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