Top 10 Most Fortunate Lottery Winners in History (Part 2)



Our part one article astonished you with the unbelievable ways in which the first five most fortunate winners of the lottery happened across their big wins. If you thought their stories were crazy, wait until you see the final most fortunate winners in our part two article! It might just make you go pick up a few tickets if you are feeling lucky!

Number Five: Calvin and Zatera Spencer

These two lucky players ended up winning two jackpots in less than 24 hours. Due to a special Powerball ticket, the couple raked in a $1 million prize. The next day, feeling empowered from the intense win, they purchased a scratch off. From this ticket, they ended up getting lucky again- winning another $1 million.

Number Four: Yamilet Torrez

This young California woman won $100 off of a scratch lottery ticket and decided that it was her lucky day. She invested the money in more tickets, one of which earned her an additional $5,000. Still feeling lucky, she decided that three times was the charm, and bought even more tickets. In this collection of tickets was a winner worth $1 million.

Number Three: James Wilson

This young man is yet another victim of his forgetful habits. Lucky for him, he made it just in the nick of time. Upon cleaning out old receipts in his wallet, Wilson found the lottery ticket from almost six months before he found it, after forgetting that he even purchased it. He almost threw it away, figuring it wasn’t worth anything, but decided to check out the numbers. Oddly enough, this ticket was worth almost $80,000- which he cashed in only hours before the deadline.

Number Two: Bill Morgan

Morgan, otherwise known as “The Miracle Man”, is an Australian man who became a star of the media after he, well, performed miracles. Morgan was involved in a work-related truck incident, which put him in a coma that pronounced him essentially brain-dead for almost 14 minutes. Despite all odds, he recovered from the incident with no damage whatsoever. He later won about $24,000 from a scratch-off, that sparked the interest of the media. A news station invited him to be a guest on the show and requested that he buy a lottery ticket to scratch off on the show. It was all meant to be a gimmick for the show, but that ticket earned him an additional $351,526.

Number One: The Most Fortunate Lottery Winner – Raymond Buxton

Buxton had been a patron of the California lottery for about 20 years before his efforts finally paid off. He was the only winner of one of the biggest jackpots in history: a whopping $425 million. He kept his distance from the media, and wouldn’t allow even a picture to be taken of his face. However, he did tell interviewers that he planned to use the money in the line of charity work, including child pediatrics, hunger relief, and education. We hope you enjoyed basking in the luck of our list of the top 10 most fortunate winners of the lottery!

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