Top 10 Most Expensive Things in the World (Part 2)



Welcome back to the list of the 10 most expensive things in the world. As we learned in part one, anything can become the most expensive thing of its kind if you cover it with gold and diamonds. But that’s not the case with this second half of the list, which has even stranger additions. Read below to find out more!

Number Five: The Most Expensive Thing Sold Online – The Lady Moura

The Lady Moura is a boat – a ship, really. It sold for $140 million dollars, and because it sold on eBay, it became the most expensive thing ever sold online. The boat includes a built-in helicopter pad and 10 multi-level suites, each with panoramic views.

Number Four: The Most Expensive Hotel Room

The most expensive hotel room is really any of the rooms found in the President Wilson, which is a hotel in Geneva. Each room will run you $80,000 a night and includes incredible views, a grand piano, a pool table, a library, a Jacuzzi, a fireplace and a conference room.

Number Three: Priciest Virginity

This strange record belongs to Natalie Dylan (a name she invented for herself for the purpose of auctioning off her own virginity). The highest bigger won the prize at $3.7 million. Natalie is a graduate of women’s studies from San Diego doesn’t find the transaction demeaning and has said she is actually empowered by it.

Number Two: Most Expensive Domain Name

There’s a good chance you might have come up with this answer on your own eventually. No, it’s not Google, Yahoo or Wikipedia, but the clearly-intentioned that sold for a cost of $13 million.

Number One: The Most Expensive Building in the World

The building is in Singapore and cost about $4.7 billion dollars. The name of the place is the Marina Bay Sands, and it has a few different functions among its three connected 55 story towers. It acts as a resort and a convention center, among other things, and it has incredible panoramic views of the whole surrounding city. That’s it for our list of the 10 most expensive things in the world. Thanks for reading our list!

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