Top 10 Most Expensive Things in the World (Part 1)



Welcome to part one of the list of the 10 most expensive things in the world. To be clear, these are not the ten most expensive of all the purchasable items out there. Instead, these are all the most expensive things in their respective categories. With that in mind, read below to find out more about these pricey items!

Number Ten: The Most Expensive Car – 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Racer

A long title for an expensive vehicle. In fact, at $52 million, this car is almost incomprehensibly expensive. But the good news for potential buyers of cars like these – including the anonymous buyer who purchased this particular car – is that they only grow in value as the years go by.

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Number Nine: Phone – iPhone 6 Black Diamond Edition

Don’t let the fact that the word “Edition” is in the title fool you – there’s only one of these. And at $16.5 million, there’s a reason for that. Fitting its name, the phone includes a 26ct black diamond (along with many smaller white diamonds and a solid gold cover).

Number Eight: The Most Expensive Burger

It costs a whopping $332,000. It is also the first piece of meat made entirely in a lab – created by Dutch scientists – to be offered to be eaten.

Number Seven: Shoes

The most expensive shoes belong to the one and only Nick Cannon. They cost $2 million, mostly because they’re made of white gold and covered in diamonds.

Number Six: Substance – Antimatter

Antimatter is not only the most obscure item on this list, but the substance is also the priciest – by far. Antimatter is a strange substance, and not much is known about it yet. But there is hope that with more research, it can┬ábe used for medical purposes, or to enhance the power of rocket engines. But in order to harness even a tiny amount of antimatter, it can cost hundreds of billions of dollars, so it is far from a practical substance to experiment with at this time. That’s all for part one of the 10 most expensive things, but be sure to check back for part two which will be coming soon!

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