Top 10 Most Expensive Homes Ever Sold (Part 1)



Not every can afford the most expensive homes in the world, but it sure is great for the people who can! These lavish residences are elegant works of art to be explored and are priced at top dollar. Read on and fantasize with us as we enter these 10 stunning and most expensive homes, just be sure to check back for our part two article for the top five!

Number Ten: 17 Upper Phillimore Gardens. This grandiose residence was one a preparatory school for girls but now belongs to Olena Pinchuk, daughter of the second Ukrainian president. The Victorian building is adorned with brass and gold interior, marble pillars, and priceless artwork. Lavish in every possible definition of the word, this home is complete with 10 bedrooms, an underground pool and sauna, fitness center, cinema, and generously furnished panic room. All of this, for a cool $128 million.

Number Nine: Kensington Palace Gardens. This beautiful home is just one of the many installments in Billionaire’s Row in London, and not the only one on this list. Owned by Chelsea Football Club founder Roman Abramovich, this mansion is a massive work of art. He has plans to extend the home further, in order to insert a health center, auto museum, and tennis courts. Pre-construction, this home is worth $140 million.

Number Eight: Seven The Pinnacle. Seven the Pinnacle is the largest property offered by the elite Yellowstone Club. In addition to its massive stature and beautiful wooden architecture, the estate features a pool, gym, and private ski lift. Not only that, but the home also have heated flooring covering every room in the house, as well as a fireplace in every bathroom. All in all, the property was sold for $155 million.

Number Seven: California’s Hearst Castle. The Hearst Castle was owned by William Randolf before his passing. You may remember this home as the one featured in the film The Godfather. Italian-style and classically decorated, the bedrooms of this mansion have been graced with the presence of the Kennedy’s, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt. Now unowned, the property serves mainly as a tourist attraction. To become the next owner, it would cost about $191 million.

Number Six: Ellison Estate. This residence is formed of 23 acres, complete with ten buildings, including its own tea house, and a large lake. It features a classic Japanese architectural design that took almost nine years to construct. The price today is $200 million.

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