Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars (Part 1)



Welcome to the list of the top 10 most expensive celebrity cars. One would expect that most celebrities would have fairly pricey automobiles, but the celebrities on this list take it to another level. It takes a certain desire for flash and showmanship to own the kinds of cars on  this list, but that’s what got these celebrities to where they are in the first place. Read below to find out more!

Number Ten: Jay Leno’s Mercedes SLR McLaren

Jay Leno is one of a few car aficionados on this list, so it’s a little unusual to find that he has come in at number ten with this McLaren. But maybe he knew how to get the most bang for his buck when he shelled out $500,000 for the car.

Number Nine: Nicolas Cage’s Ferrari Enzo

Nicholas Cage has had his share of money issues, but hopefully, he didn’t have to sell his Ferrari during the difficult times he has faced recently. If he did, he’d probably got around $670,000 back for the vehicle. Not a bad asset to sell off if you need to.

Number Eight: Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche 959

Jerry Seinfeld is probably the celebrity on this list who is most associated with cars. Not only does he own many unique models, but his current show is named Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Of course, that show isn’t the one that earned him the case to put out $700,000 for his prized Porsche.

Number Seven: Kanye West’s Lamborghini Aventador

Kanye West certainly is a showman. If it isn’t a spectacular beat that he’s laying down, he’s on twitter ranting about something ridiculous. Or apparently he’s dishing out $750,000 for this conspicuous car.

Top 10 Most Expensive Rapper Cars (Part 1)

Number Six: One of the Most Expensive Celebrity Cars – Simon Cowell’s Bugatti Veyron

It pays to be mean. Simon Cowell is possibly the person on this list with the least identifiable talent, and yet he was able to afford this $1.7 million vehicle. The man found his niche, and the world more than paid him adequately for it. That’s it for part one of this list, but be sure to check back for part two of the top 10 most expensive celebrity cars, coming your way soon.

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