Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys of All Time (Part 2)



Welcome to part two of the top 10 most dangerous toys. In part one of our list, you read about six nightmare products that were actually sold as toys. Below we continue our list.

Number Five: Sky Rangers Park Flyer Radio-Controlled Airplane

The Sky Ranger Park Flyer Airplane begins our list of the top 10 most dangerous toys. Sold in 2007 this high-flying radio controlled toy had a habit of exploding in the air. For some unlucky kids, they would explode near their faces and hands.

Number Four: Lawn Dart Toys

The name says it all. This toy is known for sending over 6000 people, most children to the emergency room. The makers of Lawn Darts were supposed to have a warning label on the box that stated “for adults only” unfortunately for the children harmed by this product no such label appeared.

Number Three: Magnetix

This “lego” like toy was created so children could build toy structures with the use of magnets. The magnets, however, were small and easy to swallow. The manufacturers defended their product even after an infant died. It took over 35 more injuries for this toy to be pulled from the shelf.

Number Two: Gilbert Glass Blowing Set

Number two on our top 10 most dangerous toys is the 1950s, Gilbert Glass Blowing Set. Yes, you heard right. It was fun to make glass back then. This toy would hit a record 1000 degrees fFahrenheit. Boys were actually encouraged to make their own glass. They were told it was a good skill for a young man to have, that’s if they survived the 3rd-degree burns or scars due to this toy exploding in their faces.

Number One: Wego Kite Tube

This is no ordinary kite. You would blow it up then attach it to a speed boat. Children were told to hold on tight so they could fly. Unfortunately, after the boat reached a certain speed the kite would reach as high as 30 feet in the air at 55 mph. At that height and speed, it was almost impossible for a child to hold on, they would fall to their deaths, either by hitting the boat itself or the water. This concludes our list.

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