Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys of All Time (Part 1)



Welcome to our list of the top 10 most dangerous toys. When you’re a kid, there is nothing better than playing with the new toy you just received. Unfortunately, for some children playing with the below-mentioned toys has sent them to the emergency room instead. Below are the first six of the top 10 most dangerous toys, stay tuned for part two of this list.

Number Ten: Creepy Crawlers Toys

In 1964, one of the hottest toys were Creepy Crawlers. Your child would heat the plastic until it melted and then poured it into a mold. If the toxic fumes weren’t bad enough maybe the hot scorching plate will do the trick. Children were supposed to wait until it cooled before playing with the “bug”. We all know patience is a child’s best trait.

Number Nine: Eating Cabbage Patch

Every girl loves a doll. Especially a Cabbage Patch. In the 90’s these dolls were the “IT” toy. So the toymakers decided it would be a good idea to have your Cabbage Patch eat. She would eat fake food, real food and unfortunately for some little girls, they ate hair and fingers. In a couple of incident reports, there were reports of this doll crushing children’s fingers and winding up hair.

Number Eight: Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game

Number eight on our top 10 most dangerous toys list is the Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game. This set of playing cards with Miley Cyrus on the cover was pumped with lead. The cards, which were primarily made out of vinyl, were 75 percent above the safety level for lead. Believe it or not, this toy was not pulled from the shelves because lead-based laws apply to paint.

Number Seven: Slip ‘N slide

Most of us remember this super fun toy. We couldn’t wait for the summer so we can roll it out in the backyard and slip and slide to an awesome day. Unfortunately for some teens and adults it could lead to paralysis. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has reported many cases of spinal cord injury and permanent paralysis in teenagers and adults. This toy is made for kids, although after hearing such cases many parents would rather take their children to the sprinklers.

Number Six: Moon Shoes

Trampolines on your feet? What could be more fun? This sounds like a hopping good time. Although for many children it had them hopping to the emergency room with broken ankles. Worse yet this toy from the 70’s was made of sharp metal pieces. Children were not only spraining their ankles they were getting sharp metal stuck into the feet. This ends part one of the top 10 most dangerous toys. Stay tuned for part two of this list, coming soon!

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