Top 10 Lucky People Who Cheated Death (Part 2)



You were absolutely astounded in our part one article featuring the first five lucky people who cheated death, and we have finally returned with the final five! Our part two article is even more amazing than part one, and these amazing people deserve our recognition for their feats. Read on to find out all of the ways that these people stared their fate in the eyes, and cheated death!

Number Five: Aron Ralston. Ralston was climbing the canyons of Utah one day when a falling rock pinched his now-dislocated arm against the canyon wall. He was wedged in this spot for six days before he finally decided to simply take off his own arm. After doing so, he was able to free himself and seek medical attention. The hard sacrifice had indeed saved his life.

Number Four: Vesna Vulovic. This woman was a passenger on a seemingly normal Serbian flight. Tragically, Croatian extremists had planted a bomb on her plane that dismembered the machinery into many pieces, with Vulovic in the middle. The plane parts fell 33,000 feet, yet somehow Vulovic still survived. She had suffered three broken vertebrae and skull fractures and awoke from a coma partially paralyzed after 23 days. Eventually, however, she walked out of the hospital as if nothing had happened.

Number Three: Matthew Allen. This young man, residing in the Outback of Australia, decided to run away from home when he was 18 years of age. However, he chose a really bad time to do so: during a record heat wave. Hikers found the boy roughly nine weeks after he was last seen, and was weak and unable to stand as well as pretty confused. After he was brought back to civilization, he revealed that he had survived solely by drinking creek water.

Number Two: Matthew Lowe. This man worked for a steel company and was feeding steel beams through a machine when the worst possible event occurred. His shirt got caught in the large machinery, and he was pulled through a 5-inch-high opening beneath the machine. Lucky, there was a taller portion of the machine that his head was pulled through. However, the rest of his body underwent the breaking of his back, hips, ribs, and pelvis, and also suffered a ruptured stomach and bowels. However, he is perfectly fine today.

Number One: Maarten de Jonge. De Jonge was a passenger involved in the flights of the two notorious Malaysian planes. Initially, he had a ticket to fly on both. The first, MH370, disappeared mysteriously over the Indian Ocean. Luckily, de Jonge had switched his flight to avoid a layover. The second, MH17, was shot down after being unidentified by Ukraine. He ended up switching his ticket on this flight as well, for an unknown reason. Regardless, both decisions saved his life.

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