Top 10 Lucky People Who Cheated Death (Part 1)



It isn’t every day that we encounter a near-death experience, but these lucky few have cheated death after staring their fate in the eyes. It takes a great amount of courage to face the end and miraculously get away with your life, which is why these 10 amazing stories have to be acknowledged. We guarantee this handful of people will blow your mind because they certainly amazed us! Be sure to come back soon for our coming part two article, to view the five most amazing stories of the lucky people who cheated death!

Number Ten: Juliane Koepcke. This woman suffered a plane crash, landing in the Amazon of Peru at the young age of 17. From the whole plane, she was the only person to survive. She had mild wounds from the incident and wandered the crocodile-infested terrain for a total of nine days. She was save upon meeting a group of lumberjacks, of all people.

Number Nine: Peter Skyllberg. One cold winter, Skyllberg had crashed his car in the snow for as long as 60 days. Officers found his car buried in snow and dug it up expecting to find his corpse. However, the man was still alive and wrapped up in the back seat. How did he survive? By eating snow.

Number Eight: Michael Benson. Benson was a passenger on a helicopter flying directly above the world’s most active volcano. The team of people were shooting film of the volcano when they crashed only a shorts distance from the lava. The team was rescued the next day, but Benson was nowhere to be found. Eventually, he was found by a rescue team laying in one of the craters beneath a thick layer of smoke.

Number Seven: Harrison Okene. This man suffered the sinking of his tugboat in the middle of the ocean – while he was in the bathroom. The boat lay at the bottom of the ocean when a rescue team showed up to uncover the bodies. However, when Okene was found three days after the sinking, he was still alive. He had used mattresses to plug the flowing water, and trapped himself inside of an air bubble to survive.

Number Six: Isidro Mejia. Meija, a construction worker, was putting up the roof of a new home when he slipped off of the roof. The fall was short enough that he had survived, but he landed on six nails. Each was lodged into his head, of all the unlucky places, but each one had miraculously missed his brain and spine. So, he was able to survive. Be sure to come back soon for our coming part two article, to view the five most amazing stories of the lucky people who cheated death!

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