Top 10 Inventions That Made Too Much Money (Part 1)



With everybody embracing the ease of becoming an entrepreneur these days, it has led to a wide array of some pretty cool inventions. It is amazing that such unique and seemingly crazy ideas can turn a profit, but we have found 10 of dumbest inventions that did just that! To find out how these crazy inventions miraculously earned their inventors millions of dollars, all you have to do is read along! Don’t forget to return for our coming part two article, with the top five dumbest inventions that made way too much money!

Number Ten: One of the Most Interesting Inventions – Doggles

This unique head accessory is made for canines who always like to look their best. The Doggles are perfectly designed to stay on the head of your fuzzy best friend and offer a unique and stylish look. Not only do they make your pup look like a star, but they will also protect their eyes from the sun, as well as dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

Number Nine: Pet Rock

Gary Dahl, a lazy inventor, is responsible for the concept of the pet rock. He began selling painted rocks in 1975, bringing him an ultimate profit of over $56 million. He even went so far as to create a manual for the care and treatment of this unique substitute best friend.

Number Eight: Million Dollar Homepage

Alex Tew was only a prospective college student when he thought up the concept for a million-dollar website – literally. A revolutionary concept, the young man designed a blank homepage of one million pixels and used his entrepreneurship skills to sell each pixel for a dollar. Within the pixels bought, the purchaser had the liberty to display any chosen image. Needless to say, he earned more than enough for college, reaching his million-dollar goal.

Number Seven: Silly Bandz

We all remember Silly Bandz as the trend that swept over middle schools across the nation. Turns out, the creation earned the mastermind behind this concept over $100 million. You wouldn’t think that such a simple invention would turn such an impressive profit, and neither did they upon the Silly Bandz’s creation. Luckily enough for the inventors, tweens and teens grew turned this concept into a trend, making them extremely profitable.

Number Six: Santa Mail

One of the most exciting experiences for a child at Christmas time is getting a long-awaited letter back from Santa Claus. One man saw the potential profit in making children’s Christmas dreams come true and constructed the Santa Mail project. Parents pay $9.95 to get personalized responses sent straight from the “North Pole”, making Santa a very happy man. Don’t forget to return for our coming part two article, with the top five dumbest inventions that made way too much money!

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