Top 10 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped (Part 1)



Photoshop can work some amazing visual magic, but you will never believe that these ten images haven’t even been Photoshopped! Thanks to the graphic technology of Photoshop, we never quite know what is real anymore. Well, we won’t kid you: all of these images are as real as real can get. We bet you still won’t believe us! Be sure to check back in a few days to see the top five images that only look doctored in part two!

Number Ten: Airplane Tennis. Whether you enjoy a competitive match of tennis or not, this particular photograph will amaze you! These two men, Gladys Roy and Evon Unger, decided to play the most dangerous tennis match ever caught on film, atop the wings of an airplane in flight. Stunts such as this were popularized by a trend in the 1920’s when aerial acrobats took entertainment to the next level.

Number Nine: Twisted Railroad. Though this image would be a simple feat with the modern technology of Photoshop, this railroad actually exists in New Zealand. The deformed track is a product of the effects from a major earthquake, pulling the tracks to a twisted, snake-like swerve. The railroad is still functional, and can still be viewed today.

Number Eight: Trippy Building. Upon seeing this building in the midst of Paris, you might think your eyes are playing tricks on you. It wouldn’t be the case, however, as the building you see here is actually a canvas covering a building under construction. Don’t worry, nobody slipped drugs in your morning coffee; this one is real.

Number Seven: Magic Tap. If physics-defying works of art drive you crazy, you’ll really love this particular photo. Seeming to be a magic water faucet floating in mid-air, this pool fountain is actually a very real and ingenious device. The effect is achieved with a transparent water tube that not only holds the fixture in place but also feeds it the water that pours out. Now we would like to know, do they make one that pours beer?

Number Six: LEGO Town. If it was your childhood dream to live in a LEGO city, the architects of San Buenaventura have made your dreams come true! Although on first glance you would assume that this photo is a digital creation, it is actually a living community just on the border of Mexico City’s metropolitan area.

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