Top 10 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped (Part 2)



Our first set of five images that only look doctored blew your mind, and now that you have just put your brain parts back together, we are back to blow it again! Photoshop is a great program that has made fantasies come to life that were never thought possible, but these were actual photos never touched by the program. Read on to see images of the world’s natural beauty, caught only by lens!

Number Five: Black and White. Though this stunning drag queen appears to be a product of image layering from Photoshop artistry, this photo hasn’t been doctored even a lick. Upon entering Rupal’s Drag Race, this young queen by the name of Detox raised standards to an artistic level. Special body painting and make-up artist Nelly Ricchia created this look by carefully painting the drag queen in monochrome shades, including the ultimate touch of silver hair.

Number Four: Upside Down. Of all the astonishing architecture possible with the technology of today, one thing that still make take you by surprise is a building that appears to be pulled from its hinges and flipped on its head. Complete with torn, protruding pipes in a rustic slab of concrete as its “roof”, this creative building hosts Wonderworks, the interactive museum. It can be viewed on International Drive in Orlando Florida, and proves even more captivating in person.

Number Three: Balloon Floating House. With this photo that appeared to be a recreation from a scene in the popular Disney movie Up, it’s hard to believe that this house isn’t a trick. Remarkably, a talented team of architects and scientists from National Geographic to build the recreation. This special light-weight house floats off the ground with the help of 300 helium weather balloons, and can even take passengers more than 10,000 feet off the ground

Number Two: Colorful Rice Fields. Though seemingly a work made possible through Photoshop, this alluring landscape can be viewed in real life. The colorful effects can be seen in Yunnan, China, where the Honey People cultivate rice paddies. Their unique process for growing rice involves filling the paddies with water, producing not only semiaquatic rice but also this stunning effect.

Number One: Cruise Ship Hotel. In South Korea, possibly the most astonishing spectacle of architecture you might find rests on top of a large cliff overlooking the shore. The Sun Cruise Resort is an architectural feat and the world’s only land-based resort that is cruise themed. The yacht has never set sail but offers all of the luxury amenities of a five-star cruise from the comfort of solid land.

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