Top 10 Facts About Your Own Life (Part 2)



Our first set of five facts we can reveal about your own life in part one really put your daily habits in perspective, but the top five of our list will absolutely boggle your mind. You have been eagerly awaiting our part two article, and it has finally arrived! Keep reading to discover all of the amazing facts and statistics that you never even thought to consider about your own life!

Number Five: Storing Memories. The human brain really is capable of astonishing feats. Your memory might not always work like you hope it would, but there is lots of information stored in those tiny neurons. In the average life span, it is possible for the human brain to contract one quadrillion bits of memories and information.

Number Four: Great Exercise. Walking is the most basic form of transportation subject to all of humankind. On a statistical average, one person will walk 75,000 miles in the span of their life. To put this in perspective, that is enough length wrap around the earth five times.

Number Three: To Amazing Lengths. You don’t often think about the length of your nose hair, save for the time you spend grooming. Just like the hair on your hair, it continues to grow your entire life. The average person grows an astounding two meters worth of nose hair by the end of their life.

Number Two: Red Light Fever. Red lights are a frustrating yet inevitable part of everyday life. You would be right to be a bit angry at this inconvenience, considering an estimated six months of your lifespan will be consumed by waiting at red lights.

Number One: Bodily Functions. It is no news to you that the human body is capable of intricate and amazing processes. One of these process is the nature in which your digestive system maintains itself. Every two weeks, your very own stomach is constructing a brand new layer of mucus necessary to prevent the stomach from digesting itself. Even when we do not realize or think about it, our bodies are constantly working to amaze us!

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