Top 10 Facts About Your Own Life (Part 1)



We live our daily lives as we always have, often unaware of the facts our daily actions produce. We take eating, sleeping, and just plain living for granted as we perform these actions so frequently. However, we have compiled a list of 10 mind-boggling facts that really put your existence into perspective. To discover the most amazing of the 10 facts that we can reveal about your life, all you have to do is return for our part two article!

Number Ten: Creepy Crawlies. We have all heard the horror stories of bacteria that exists on the outer layers of our skin, but allow us to put that in perspective for you. Due to their microscopic size, there are actually more living beings living on your skin at any given moment, than there are people in the entire world.

Number Nine: All of the Yawns. The action of yawning is something every one of us experiences almost daily. In fact, it considered to be an almost contagious concept! Over the course of their lives, the average person will yawn an estimated average of 250,000 times.

Number Eight: All of the Food. As we dine on the meals necessary to keep our bodies functioning, we often don’t think about the volume that we are actually consuming. In your entire life, it is said that you will consume about 35 whole tons of food.

Number Seven: Self-Healing Skin. We are all familiar with the way that countless numbers of species shed their outer layers in order to regenerate new “skins” to keep themselves fresh and healthy. Believe it or not, humans kind of fit into this category. You never really notice when it happens, but your own layer of skin will actually replenish itself over 900 times in your lifetime.

Number Six: On the Porcelain Throne. The daily events of our lives can take up an astonishing amount of time in the long run. In regards to bathroom time, the average person will spend a total of three months sitting on a toilet. If everyone washed their hands after using it, approximately one million lives could be spared from disease every year. To discover the most amazing of the 10 facts that we can reveal about your life, all you have to do is return for our part two article!

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