Top 10 Most Expensive Player Transfers Of All Time (Part 1)



Welcome to the list of the ten most expensive player transfers in the history of soccer (or football, depending on which continent you ask). Some of these players are big name stars – well, they are all big name stars. But you might be surprised who you don’t find on the list, just like you might be surprised just how much some of these players have cost their clubs over the years. Read below for more information on the ten most expensive player transfers of all time!

Number Ten: Luis Figo

Luis Figo had the tenth most expensive transfer of all time when he went from Barcelona to Madrid for $62 million in the year 2000. The Portuguese winger still has the second most assists in La Liga history – second to the one and only Lionel Messi.

Number Nine: David Luiz

Chelsea to David Luiz is one of the few defenders on this list – when he isn’t playing as a central defender, he’s generally being employed as a defensive mid. When Luiz first landed at Paris Saint-Germain, he did so for $62.6 million back in 2013.

Number Eight: Edinson Cavani

The Uruguay nation cost Paris Saint-Germain (who are already a popular club on this list) $64 million when they got him from Napoli in 2013. The fantastic and versatile striker is also useful in set-pieces.

Number Seven: Kaka

Kaka is a Brazilian player who currently players for Orlando City SC, which makes him one of a number of players who have come to the United States after much success in Europe. But before all that, the player was moved from AC milan to Madrid for $68 million.

Number Six: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

At one time, the Swedish striker was considered by some to be the best striker in the world. This is no longer the case, but Ibrahimovic is still a top player. When he was moved from Barcelona to Inter Milan in 2009, it cost them $69 million. That is all we have for you in part one, but be sure to check back soon for the upcoming part two of the list of the ten most expensive player transfers of all time!

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