Top 10 Dumbest Pranks of All Time (Part 2)



Back to see some more dumb pranks and idiot stunts that ultimately failed? You came to the right place! Read on to have yourself a good laugh at these pranksters whose playful tricks ended up going horribly wrong!

Number Five: Disastrous Dentistry. A dentist who often performed work on an employee’s teeth decided to pull a seemingly harmless prank one day. Know that she grew up on a pig farm, he decided to install a set of pig tusks in her mouth and snap some photos of his work. He removed the tusks, but couldn’t help but share the photos in the office. The employee was unamused by the dentist’s antics and sued him for $250,000. Then, he sued his insurance company (and won) for $750,000 for not covering him.

Number Four: Stop Sign Tragedy. Boys pull some pretty stupid stunts in their adolescence, but these two boys’ prank ended up deadly. The two young boys had wrapped a stop sign in layers of plastic wrap and a coating of petroleum jelly and then bragged about their prank to their friends at school. The police soon came looking for them, as two women had driven through the stop sign and were hit by oncoming traffic. Sadly, the women did not survive, and the two boys were charged with reckless homicide.

Number Three: Pot Brownies for Teachers. A group of seniors in high school decided to thank their teachers before leaving with a pan of homemade brownies- space brownies. Something must have gone wrong, however, because their special brownies had caused 19 teachers to be sent to the Emergency Room for illness. As punishment, the students were charged with five counts of felonies and a lot of volunteer work.

Number Two: Hood Prank. While that prank was blown a little out of proportion, at least no one died. However, in this case, one prankster’s punny idea got him a couple bullets in the head. This 16-year-old boy approached two men on the street, and asked them if they were “ready to die”. His intention was to pull a box of hair dye out of his pocket and have a good laugh with them. He chose the wrong audience, because the two men were actually heads of a gang, and shot him before he got to the punch line.

Number One: High School Blow-Up Doll. In the way of senior pranks gone wrong, this one certainly deserves some recognition. One boy decided it was a good senior prank to put a blow-up sex doll in the girl’s shower, so he climbed in through the window to place the prop. However, as he was dressed in all black, a concerned observer called the police thinking he was planting a bomb. The school was evacuated, and the boy was later charged with an eight-year sentence for institutional criminal mischief.

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