Top 10 Dumbest Pranks of All Time (Part 1)



Pranks are all in the spirit of fun, but these dumb pranks should have never even been attempted. It’s pranks like these that serve to convince that common sense, well, isn’t quite so common anymore. To see how these dumb pranks blew up in the faces of these idiot pranksters, just keep reading! Also, be sure to come back for our part two article to see the top five dumb pranks that ultimately failed!

Number Ten: Faked Robbery. Three young friends living in Israel figured it would be a good idea to pull a massive prank on a friend who worked in a mall kiosk. The three friends donned masks and toy guns and robbed the kiosk worker for $1,000. They later returned to give back the money and reveal the joke, but the police arrested them instead. Even though it was all a joke, they were charged with armed robbery.

Number Nine: Goats Gone Wrong. The worst kind of senior pranks are the ones that ruin the entire year. That’s just what happened when a group of high school seniors decided to set a bunch of goats from the local petting zoo onto their school’s football field. It went wrong when they found out that the petting zoo had actually been closed due to an outbreak of E. Coli, and even the event of a small child’s death. Needless to say, there were no football games for the rest of the year.

Number Eight: Embarrassing Make-Out. While the goat situation turned out pretty horribly, this high school prank left these kids scarred for life. A group of seven students were blindfolded in front of the whole student body and told to wait for a special kiss. With some creepy groping involved, the students were horribly shocked to find out it was their parents.

Number Seven: Cheaters: Live Edition. Could you imagine ruining your entire marriage over a public radio station? One couple did, and only for the promise of two tickets to a Kanye West performance. Enticed by this prized, the woman agreed to tell her husband that their son wasn’t actually his over the air. He was so outraged, that he confessed to cheating on the woman with her sister for years- still on the air. She never even got the tickets.

Number Six: Fake Hostage. We can’t possibly be sure what was going through this kid’s head, but a 19-year-old boy by the name of Chris Sheiby decided to call the cops one day. He claimed to be Sergeant Joseph Ramirez, who had just come back from a tour in Iraq. He told the officials that he came home to a cheating wife who took the kids, and shot a hostage. He also stated that he had three Marines as additional hostages, and lock himself in a house with them. The roads were closed off and the owners of the house were confronted, and young Chris was soon arrested.

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