Top 10 Dumbest Criminals of All Time (Part 1)



Welcome to our list of the 10 dumbest criminals of all time. We all know crime doesn’t pay. Unfortunately, for the individuals listed below they learned this lesson the hard way. Please look for part two of this list coming soon!

Number Ten: Christopher Kron

Christopher Kron tops our list of the dumbest criminals. He decided to rob a restaurant, during his criminal activity he set off the alarm system. Not only did he stay after he set it off, he answered ADT’s security call and told the operator his real name. He then proceeds to steal one bottle of Grand Marnier. He actually got away with the crime until he decided to go the very next day to the restaurant to eat. He was immediately recognized by one of the employees who saw the security footage and arrested.

Number Nine: Frank Singleton

When most people are released from prison there is quite a possibility they will change their ways. When Frank Singleton, 21 was released, he decided to go to the closest parking lot and steal a car. Unfortunately, for him, the car was stick shift and he couldn’t drive it too far. This led him to be rearrested on the same day he was released.

Number Eight: Demetrius Robinson

Demetrius Robinson, 28, had a plan. His plan was to rob a Golden Pantry. He thought it all out and decided to kill some time while waiting for the cashier to be alone. He fulfilled that plan by applying for a job while he waited. On his application, he put his real name and contact information. He then proceeded to rob the store. It wasn’t too long before he got called in for an interview.

Number Seven: The Twin Criminals

Two young men in their twenties were into vandalizing property. They decided to vandalize an elevator while still inside of it. They kick the doors so hard they jam shut,  which sets off the alarm. Meanwhile, the security cameras are capturing everything. These two men were stuck in the broken elevator mid-floor until the police rescue and arrest them at the same time.

Number Six: Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis, 43, considers himself a responsible guy. He wasn’t the type of man to drink and drive. He was, however, the type of man to have his 10-year-old drive him home after an afternoon of drinking. If this isn’t exciting enough the child crashed the car at an estimated 90 miles per hour with two other children in the vehicle. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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