Top 10 Drunkest Countries Around the World



Drinking culture is something that exists nearly ubiquitously around the world. Everywhere, people like to pass the time with a beer, some wine, or a basic vodka soda. However, some populations consume more (a lot more) alcohol than others. Here, we present our list of the top 10 drunkest countries around the world. The stats were taken from data collected by the World Health Organization in 2012 and 2013. Prepare to be shocked and amused!

Number Ten: Slovakia

The average Slovakian drank 10.76 liters of alcohol in 2012 – impressive! Most Slovakians prefer the harder stuff over beer and wine, too.

Number Nine: Germany

You knew Germany would make the list. Though the average German drinks less and less each year, they still consume a lot of booze. Germans drink beer more than any other type of alcohol.

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Number Eight: Russia

While Russians drink paltry amounts of wine, the average Russian consumes 5.64 liters of spirits each year. Considering the association between Russia and vodka, this isn’t too surprising.

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Number Seven: Hungary

Hungary might seem like a pretty random country on this list, but maybe that’s why they drink so much! Hungarians drink beer more often than any other type of alcohol.

Number Six: Luxembourg

Luxembourg might be the smallest country on this list, but its inhabitants sure do drink a lot. The citizens prefer wine over every other type of alcohol.

Number Five: One of the Drunkest Countries – Ireland

Well, duh. In 2004, the average citizen of Ireland consumed an impressive 14.24 liters of alcohol, and while that figure has since decreased, Ireland still nabs our number five spot on our list of the drunkest countries.

Number Four: France

The relationship between food and wine is well-documented in Europe, and France is a paragon of this. The average French person drinks seven liters of wine each year.

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Number Three: Czech Republic

Beer is the most popular drink in the Czech Republic. In fact, Czechs consume more beer than people in every other country on this list!

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Number Two: Lithuania

Lithuanians have been drinking more every year since 2000. Currently, the average Lithuanian consumes 14.5 liters of alcohol each year, with spirits being the most popular type of alcohol.

Number One: Belarus

Finally, the drunkest country in the world is Belarus. Spirits are the alcohol of choice for people in Belarus, and the average citizen consumes 15 liters of booze every year. Thanks for reading, and happy drinking!

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