Top 10 Dropouts Who Hit the Big Time (Part 2)



The first set of five high school dropouts that hit the big time probably gave you a little hope for your future, but wait until you see the top five! These five people are the prime examples of turning a terrible situation into an ultimate success, and it is time for these dropouts to be recognized! Formal education isn’t the only measure of intelligence, and we can prove it below!

Number Five: Shawn Carter. If you don’t recognize this star, maybe you will know him by his stage name: Jay-Z. This talented star has become one of the world’s most iconic and successful rappers, all without a high school diploma. That sounds like the dream of every high school dropout, although he was lucky enough to make his dream come true. He struggled to grow up in a bad area of Brooklyn and transferred between three different schools before giving up the hassle entirely. Since then, he has won multiple Grammys and even created his own record label.

Number Four: Walt Disney. Shockingly, the big family man who made millions of dreams come true never attained his diploma. He started pursuing his love for drawing in his school as an illustrator for his school magazine; however, he dropped out to join the army. He should’ve known that the army would reject him as he was only 16 years old. Instead, he decided to follow his animation dreams. He and his brother produced cartoons under their own studio company, which became a huge hit. After their success, they grew their company and created the famous family parks.

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Number Three: Richard Branson. Branson sprouted his career from a love of music but later decided that his passion was mainly for entrepreneurship. After years of struggling with dyslexia, Branson dropped out of high school at the age of 16. There, his headmaster told him that he would end up either or in prison, or become a millionaire. He chose the latter. He created a start-up record store called Virgin Records and moved on to acquire and create an array of other companies under the iconic Virgin label. His most recent venture is called Virgin Galactic, and is described as a “space tourism company”.

Number Two: Francois Pinault. Pinault is a businessman of French citizenship who has quite an eye for business ventures. He has built his billions from investing in a handful of companies that grew with intense popularity, such as Puma and Gucci. He wasn’t always so lucky; he worked to receive his riches. He was teased in school for his family’s lack of money and removed himself to work in a lumber mill with his father. He developed a love for fashion and created a firm which he used to invest in fashion companies.

Number One: Amancio Ortega. This man of Spanish descent is deemed to be the fourth richest man in the world. Ortega is a business eye with a keen eye for fashion, and making money. When he was only 14, his family had travelled and moved to a new location. He decided it was best not to return to school, so instead of going to high school he got a job for a clothes manufacturer. He created his own line of clothing and opened the chain store, Zara. This store became an international hit. He then developed his own company firm, called Inditex Fashion Group, and became one of the biggest billionaires. We hope you enjoyed reading about the top 10 high school dropouts that hit the big time!

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