Top 10 Debunked Fake Facts (Part 2)



You probably can’t believe that you ever for fell for the first set of five fake facts we debunked in our part one article. Allow us to further embarrass you, with the objective of preventing future humiliation. Keep on reading to finally get your head on straight, and discover the top five fake facts that we have debunked for you!

Number Five: Viking Myth. Since the days that Vikings pillaged the lands of the world, people have enjoyed imitating them with horned helmets and barbaric behaviors. However, only half of that stereotype is accurate. Historical Vikings never had horns on their helmet- this misconception was adapted from a musical production in 1876 that depicted them with the inaccurate armor.

Number Four: Darwin’s Discovery. After Darwin presented his theory of evolution, it was commonly understood that humans evolved from a line of primates. However, this was a widely circulated misconception of his findings. We didn’t evolve from a form of ape; we simply share the genetics of a common ancestor of modern apes.

Number Three: Blind as a Bat. We have all heard this cliché expression, leading most people to believe that bats really are blind. We really have no idea where this expression originated, because bats have the ability to see quite normally. However, they do prefer echolocation for a wider range and more accurate view.

Number Two: Antagonize the Bull. Cartoons have been exploiting the use of the color red in bull fighting to trick us into believing that a mere sight of this color heightens their temper. The color red comes off as any other bright color to the poor creatures, what is really ticking them off is the behavior of the matador; but they won’t tell you that.

Number One: The Lightbulb. Thomas Edison is credited as the inventor of the lightbulb, but the idea actually wasn’t so original. He took concepts introduced by other lightbulb-like devices and perfected the technology. He basically did the same thing that Mark Zuckerberg did to Facebook- took an idea, and made it better to work as planned. We really hope you enjoyed reading through our list of the top 10 debunked fake facts!

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