Top 10 Deadliest Snipers Ever



Snipers have a reputation for being deadly, but some rise above the rest when it comes time to kill, These 10 deadliest snipers in all of history were so good that they were straight up bad (to the bone). Grab your bulletproof vest, make sure no one is watching, and check out the full list below!

Number Ten: Zhang Taofang. Zhang Taofang scored between 71 and 214 kills in the Korean war and is easily China’s most celebrated sniper. According to some sources, he was able to make these kills in just over the span of one month.

Number Nine: Chris Kyle. Kyle is the United States’ most famous sniper of all time. He wrote a critically acclaimed autobiography about his time being a sniper and was even the subject of a hit film. Kyle spent most of his time in Iraq. He achieved more than 160 kills and was eventually murdered in 2013 by a fellow war veteran.

Number Eight: William Sing. Sing was an Australian sniper who served during WWI. He scored more than 200 confirmed kills, all of which were Turkish soldiers. Interestingly, Sing was one of the few multiracial soldiers in Australia’s army.

Number Seven: Josef “Sepp” Allerberger. Though the act of paying compliments to Nazi Germany isn’t something we intend to do every day, we can’t help but commend one of their snipers. Allerberger was recruited early in World War II and was eventually sent east to battle the Soviet army. He was able to score a whopping 257 confirmed kills.

Number Six: Craig Harrison. Harrison is a British marksman that holds the record for the farthest sniper kill ever recorded. He joined the service at the age of 16 and, in 2009, killed two Taliban shooters from a distance of one and a half miles. Unfortunately, he later suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Number Five: Matthaus Hetzenauer. Hetzenauer scored 345 confirmed kills during his time in the German service. He later became a P.O.W., but he was finally able to return to Austria later on.

Number Four: Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Nearly one million women served in the Red Army during WWII, and Pavlichenko was one of them. She became the Red Army’s top female sniper with a mind-boggling 309 kills. She was nicknamed “Lady Death” by the western media.

Number Three: Francis Pegahmagabow. Pegahmagabow was a Canadian who didn’t fit any of the standing stereotypes. He became the country’s deadliest sniper during WWI and fought in some of the bloodiest battles. He killed at least 378 people.

Number Two: Ivan Sidorenko. Sidorenko is the Soviet Union’s most celebrated sharpshooter. He killed an estimated 500 people, with other estimates stretching even larger. After his sniping career, he became a miner in the mountains. Because…why not?

Number One: Simo Hayha. Hayha had a nickname of “White Death,” so it’s not surprising he made it on this list. He was a Finnish marksman who rose to fame during a war in 1940. Hayha scored 505 confirmed kills, although it’s important to note that he didn’t even have a scope while he was sniping! He also earned the Medal Of Honor for his successful career.

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