Top 10 Deadliest Destinations in the World (Part 1)



The world can be a terrifying place, especially in the case of its deadliest destinations. Always take caution when leaving the areas that you are familiar with, as you might just be venturing into some of the most dangerous territories. Check back to see our coming article with Part 2, and remember to plan your vacations wisely!

Number Ten: Juarez Valley, Mexico. Just beyond the southern borders of America lies what is considered to be the most dangerous city in the world. Nicknamed “Murder Valley”, the Juarez Valley in Mexico is a real scene out of a horror movie. The danger of this city lies in the influence of the warring cartels that control the land. The population has been reduced to a decimated 5,000 inhabitants, from a once thriving population of 60,000. In this ghost town, shops are primarily closed up, graves almost completely line the streets, and residents live in fear that the next corpse to be found on the sidewalk will be their own.

Number Nine: Yungas Road, Bolivia. Yungas road, otherwise known as “Death Road”, is one of the few Bolivian paths that lead to the Amazon Rainforest. Death Road is considered to be one of Bolivia’s most popular tourist attractions, despite its reputation for taking at least 300 lives per year. The road is a foggy, 40-mile journey more than 15,000 feet from the ground, and is considered the deadliest road in the world.

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Number Eight: Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is deemed to be one of the most dangerous cities, due to its active North Anatolian Fault. This fault causes horrific and devastating earthquakes that are moving westward through Turkey. The most recent quake in Istanbul occurred in 1999, killing more than 45,000 inhabitants of the city Ismet. The city of Istanbul, the fifth largest and populated city in the world, lies on the fault. The potentially hazardous location creates great worry for the inhabitants, as a devastating earthquake is increasingly plausible.

Number Seven: Lake Kivu, Africa. The waters of one of Africa’s greatest lakes, Lake Kivu, covers one of the world’s most dangerous secrets. Below the waters of Lake Kivu rests 2.3 trillion cubic feet of methane gas, as well as 60 cubic miles of carbon dioxide. The dangerous gasses are trapped between the large layer of water and the surface of the earth, however if the gasses were to escape, the cloud would kill over two million inhabitants living in the basin.

Number Six: San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras has recently taken the title of the most dangerous city in the world from Mexico’s Murder Valley. The city is a centrifuge for the distribution of drugs, firearms, and human trafficking, as well as a growing average of 187 homicides per 100,000 residents.

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