Top 10 Creepiest Children’s Toys Ever Made (Part 1)



Toys have been an ever-present feature in the lives of humans. Dating back to prehistory, and continuing to be popular and sought after in our modern age, they are an irreplaceable part of growing up. There are an endless variety of playthings out there to choose from, so naturally manufacturers want their product to stand out in this sea of options. That’s understandable, but there are certain toys that have come onto the market in the past that make you wonder what their creators could possibly have been thinking (apart from aiming for shock value, that is). Here are some of the creepiest children’s toys ever made:

Number Ten: Baby’s First Baby Toys

She looks like your everyday baby doll at first glance, until you read the box. Not only is this toy purported to have “cravings”, and “stretchmarks”, but on the box are the words, “Waters really break!” It almost seems as though this was intentionally created to be disturbing.

Number Nine: The Bones Family

Similar to LEGOs, but you build people instead of spaceships and houses. Instead of the finished product being realistic looking human figures, these toys end up with a menacing, skeletal form. To top it all off, the heads on the dolls have a disturbingly blank and hungry look in their eyes.

Number Eight: Musical Jolly Chimp

A cute and fuzzy animal playing music sounds like an innocent enough idea for a toy, right? Wrong. Something seems to have gone terribly amiss with this idea. Complete with red-rimmed eyes opened wide in a frightening glare, the monkey does not look cute, and is more likely to scare children than anything.

Number Seven: Blippy in the Box

Jack-in-the-box toys are meant to give you a bit of a shock but in a fun, pleasant way. Nothing about that evil stare on Blippy’s purple, alien-looking face is pleasant.

Number Six: Erwin the Little Patient

This could be considered the perfect gift for a child aspiring to be a doctor, and was more than likely intended to be educational. However, one can’t help but be a bit taken aback by a toy that comes with instructions encouraging you to unzip the figurine’s stomach to look at its organs, and remove the organs to take a nice peek at its skeleton. Keep an eye out for part two, coming soon!

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