Top 10 Creepiest Audio Recordings (Part 1)



Welcome to our list of the 10 creepiest audio recordings out there. Unlike lists of creepiest places or events, the creepiest audio recordings are creepy in part because you can hear them for yourself. So if you’d like to know more about what you can hear and get creeped out by, read below.

Number Ten: The 1995 Radio Station Hijacking

In 1995, the radio transmission of 89.9, a station in New York City, was cut off for three minutes. What replaced the normally scheduled programming was a strange and eerie phenomenon. A strange, breathy voice came on the airwaves, and then a seemingly different voice proceeded to read the names of people who had died in New York.

Number Nine: The First Recorded Voice

This voice was uncovered in 2008, and as far as we know, it is the earliest recorded human voice. The primitive nature of the phonautograph that recorded it distorts the voice to sound metallic and demonic.

Number Eight: The Original Night Stalker Audio Recordings

The night stalker was a man who raped dozens of women and killed at least ten people. He would leave messages on victims answering machines, and there’s one available to hear, on which he repeats the words “gonna kill you” steadily and eerily. The original night stalker has never been convicted.

Number Seven: Area 51 Phone Call

An unidentified man called into a radio broadcast and claimed he was a former employee of area 51. There is no way to know whether he was telling the truth, but he claimed that there were aliens around us who were not what we thought – that they were “extra-dimensional beings” instead. The phone call then cuts off abruptly.

Number Six: The Final Transmission of Vladimir Komarov

Vladimir Komarov was a Soviet astronaut who was projected into orbit on a doomed mission. The safety of his vehicle was not documented well enough, and it failed while he was in space. It proceeded to shut off – no power, no heat – and plummet to the earth. But not before Komarov had the chance to send one final, desperate, angry message back to earth. Check back for part two, coming soon.

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