Top 10 Craziest Happenings at Walmart (Part 2)



Our part one article with the first five crazy happenings at Walmart absolutely blew your mind, but wait until you see the top five! We have finally returned with the weirdest and most mind-boggling events that have taken place in this store, all you have to do is keep reading! You won’t believe what some of these Walmart patrons have done!

Number Five: Shooting Sperm

Synthetic drugs are bad, kids; they make you do stupid things. Like what, might you ask? Like setting off a firework display in your local Walmart. Around the time of the Fourth of July, a 24-year-old man got high on some K2 and set off the majority of the store’s firework stock in the electronic department. Nobody was hurt in the event, so it’s safe to laugh at his stupidity. Stay tuned for our part two article, coming soon with the top five craziest events that took place at Walmart!

Number Four: Walmart Meth Lab

We have all heard the horror stories of the things that take place at Walmart, but nothing could have prepared this woman for what another shopper was about to do to her. To “kill time”, one man walked the aisles of the store and was struck by this woman’s beauty. Not particularly unusual, until he began following her around the store. It got especially weird when he eventually walked past her and threw… his sperm at her. She approached security about the matter, and he was arrested.

Number Three: The Baby Aisle

A young man walked into a bathroom at his local store wearing a backpack. When he didn’t come out for quite a long time, the staff began to worry. He was found unconscious on the floor, accompanied by his mobile meth lab that was in his backpack. The store was evacuated, and obviously, he was arrested.

Number Two: Death by Walmart

When it’s time to pop, it’s time to pop. This was the lesson that a girl of only 16 years of age learned in the middle of Walmart while with her mother. The young girl was stricken with labor pains and gave birth to a baby right on the floor. The baby wasn’t breathing when it came out, but luckily a nearby staff member performed CPR on the infant, and it came to life. The baby and the girl went to the hospital and did just fine after the traumatic experience. However, she later revealed that she hadn’t even known she was pregnant.

Number One: A Firework Display

Oddly enough, some locations of this store have banks installed right inside. While at work, one of the bankers were approached by her boyfriend in the store. They had a large argument witnessed by many shoppers, who continued to watch in horror as the man stabbed her to death. He tried to escape, but the police later caught up with him. What’s even worse, the store remained open through the entire ordeal, and even after the murder. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 craziest happenings at Walmart!

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