Top 10 Coolest Things Money Can Buy (Part 1)



We all wish we could hit the big time and luck into an impressive lump sum of money, but honestly, how could you even start to figure out what you what awesome things you would buy with all of the money? If you happen to win the lottery anytime soon, we are here to provide you with a list of the most awesome things that anyone could possibly buy with money- provided you have a lot of it! These items may be expensive, but it sure would be amazing to own them! Don’t forget to check back soon for our coming part two article, featuring the top five most awesome things you could possibly buy!

Number Ten: One of the Coolest Things Money Can Buy – The Spymaster Orcasub

With the Spymaster Orcasub, it is possible to delve up to 2,000 feet underwater, accompanied by a passenger. The purchase would include life support for the two explorers, capable of sustaining them for as long as 80 hours. Not only is this a fun little toy for the sea-faring types, it is also completely battery powered. It is driven with two pedals and a joystick, complete with a 360-degree viewing dome and LED lighting. All of this exciting technology could be yours, for the price of about $2 million.

Number Nine: Zafirro Iridium Razor

The Zafirro Iridium Razor is by far the most sophisticated and expensive option in the line of hair removal products. Not only will this razor clean your face like a dream for 20 years, but it is made of the finest materials. The body is made of metals excavated from meteorites, and the blade is pure sapphire. This beauty runs at the price of $100,000.

Number Eight: A Golf Cart Hovercraft

A completely unique model of its kind, this hovercraft golf cart will make you the envy of the putting green. This vehicle has the capabilities to carry you and three passengers up to 40 miles per hour over grass, sand, or even water. To attain this trophy of a vehicle, it costs only about $58,000.

Number Seven: Dark Star Opulence

The Dark Star Opulence is revolutionary in the way of music listening. Not only is it revolutionary, but it’s also extremely rare. This set of technologically brilliant speakers only has 10 models in existence. What makes this system so unique? The technology of these speakers is so advanced that its creators have designed a way for music to reach listeners solely by internal vibrational control. In other words, the music is pumped directly into your ears, wire and device-free. The price tag on this masterpiece reads roughly $1.2 billion.

Number Six: Kohler Numi

Commonly beloved for their classy styles of refrigerators, sinks, and other household items, Kohler has revolutionized the way that you use the bathroom. The Numi is a toilet with all of the amenities: heated seats, heated foot pads, a deodorizer, lighting features, an MP3-player, and it even lifts the lid with motion sensors as you enter your throne room. Possibly the most coveted feature of all, it even comes with a bidet that you can access with the appliance’s remote control. All of these amazing features, for the low price of $4,500. Don’t forget to check back soon for our coming part two article, featuring the top five most awesome things you could possibly buy!

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