Top 10 Coolest Things Money Can Buy (Part 2)



The first five most awesome things money can buy in our part article got you strangely addicted to playing the lottery, and we can understand why! If those items made you dream big, wait until you see our part two article! We have finally returned with the top five most awesome things you could possibly buy!

Number Five: If You Have Money to Burn – 24 Carat Gold Toilet Paper

If you have been searching for the perfect ways to flush your money down the toilet (and who isn’t, right), we may have just found the most optimal product for you. Offered by “The Toilet Paper Man” in Australia, this roll of toilet paper is completely unique- and made of pure, 24-carat gold. Only one roll has been produced, which is probably a smart decision considering no one is exactly jumping on the deal. To take your rear to a new level of elegance, this $1.3 million toilet paper roll comes personally delivered with a bottle of champagne.

Number Four: KR01 Kuratas Robot

If Pacific Rim has got you craving a robot of your very own, it might just be easier than you thought to get your hands on. The KR01 Kuratas is a mechanized device of intense destruction, that you personally control by sitting inside. The robot runs on diesel and comes equipped with a BB-shooting Gatlin gun that fires when the driver smiles. The only catch is that this beast of a machine runs at about $1.2 million.

Number Three: The Super Penthouse in Monaco

If you were searching for the most expensive apartment in the world, you would find yourself in Monaco. The Odian Tower penthouse is a five-floor masterpiece with personal elevator access. It overlooks the Mediterranean on all sides, but who needs the beach when you have a pool, balcony, and water slide on your roof. This heavenly housing option has a whopping price tag of $400 million.

Number Two: 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO

This classic model is one of a mere 39, which makes it the most expensive car in the world. Collectors everywhere are eager to get their hands on this little baby, especially because it was carefully crafted by hand. The most expensive car in the world (obviously) doesn’t come cheap and was last purchased at an auction for $52 million.

Number One: Killer Whale Submarine

If you have always seen yourself as a whale in a human’s body (because who hasn’t), we have found the toy for you. This submarine takes the form of a killer whale, to the extent that it is even powered by pilot-controlled fins to swim as a whale would. It can travel as fast as 50 miles per hour on the surface, and is capable of dives as well. At $90,000, you could pull the most expensive practical joke ever with this device! We hope you enjoyed exploring our ranking of the 10 most awesome things you could possibly buy!

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