Top 10 Bizarre Online Purchases (Part 2)



If the bizarre online purchases showcased in part one weren’t quite weird enough for your liking, part two is here to amaze you with even more online oddities! Read the remaining top 5 bizarre buys to find out how much your snacks are worth when they resemble icons, what kind of crazy celebrity fans are roaming eBay, and how you might be able to make a little money when you are really desperate for cash!

Number Five: Dorito Shaped like the Pope’s Hat. If you can get creative and figure out anything your snacks might resemble, you might just be able to hit the big money. A single Dorito described to look like “the Pope’s hat” sold for a little over 1.2 thousand dollars. It may seem crazy, but it’s perfect for whoever is building the hundred-thousand-dollar edible recreation of the Pope.

Number Four: Justin Timberlake’s French Toast. Food resembling iconic figures isn’t the only way to make some cash, food also gains value from just a touch of greatness. No one ever thought they could shell out three thousand dollars for some French toast… until Justin Timberlake touched it. Did it taste like man-candy?

Number Three: A Girls Virginity? This online sale is by the far the most unbelievable yet. When one strapped-for-cash young woman auctioned off her virginity on EBay, she received $780,000! That tears it; if you have three-quarters of a million dollars to spend just to hit it and quit it, you have way too much money (and some questionable priorities).

Number Two: Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese. Forget that virgin, you can have THE virgin for a fraction of the price! A half of a grilled cheese sandwich with the face of the Virgin Mary grilled into it sold for $28,000. Although, I think the buyer should request a refund; it has a bite taken out of it!

Number One: Elvis’s Glass of Water- from 1977. Even old treasures gain market value when touched by greatness. A single glass of water touched by Elvis Presley in 1977 gained its seller almost $500. For that kind of money, I would expect the water to have been touched by God. I guess some fans will settle for the father of rock n’ roll!

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