Top 10 Best Live Music Venues in Paris



The city of lights isn’t always just about cheese, wine and cigarettes. If you’re getting ready to take a vacation to the great Paname, why don’t you put down heavy existential literature and pick up this list of ten best live music venues in the city? From the classy high-fashion poo-pooing that happens at Le Pompon, to the easy African grooving that happens at L’Alimentation Generale, and all the way to La Fleche d’Or, where beautiful Parisian hood kids can be found dancing their skinny butts off way into the oui-oui hours, the city of Paris has a lot more musical diversity than you might think at first look. This city is famous for it’s frigid exteriors and seemingly closed doors, but if you’re brave enough to master the basic level of French language, you will realize that a lot of these doors are actually open to you, and if you open them, you are going to hear some really good tune: from the old world and the new.

Number One. Le Pompon.

Number Two. Le Carmen.

Number Three. Au Cafe de Paris.

Number Four. Le China.

Number Five. Le Bouillon Belge.

Number Six. La Flèche d’Or.

Number Seven. L’Alimentation Générale.

Number Eight. Le Batofar.

Number Nine. Autour de Midi.

Number Ten. Le Klub.

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