Top 10 Best Business Periscope Accounts (Part 2)



We gave you the scoop on the first five best Periscope accounts for business in our part one article, and now we have finally returned with part two! Social media is becoming one of the most efficient and unexpected tools for professionals in the modern world, and the users on our list are definitely doing it right! Read on to discover our final top five of the best Periscope accounts for business!

Number Five: Gary Vaynerchuck – Periscope Account @garyvee

A simple businessman, Gary Vee (as his friends call him) is one of the most open and potentially vulgar men in the professional world. He has grown an intense fan base for his, uh, “unique” methods of presenting inside secrets in becoming a successful entrepreneur. One thing he has become popular for are his Periscope chats in which he encourages followers to “Ask Gary Anything”- really, anything.

Number Four: Pat Flynn – @patflynn

Flynn is a man of many self-motivated professional talents who aims to share the secrets he has gained from his experiences over social media. He is a successful entrepreneur, podcaster, blogger, and owner of a growing website called Smart Passive Income. Over his Periscope accounts, he aids his followers in their professional pursuits by sharing what has and hasn’t worked in his ventures.

Number Three: Grant Cardone – @grantcardone

This particular businessman is all about sharing the truth about entrepreneurship, minus all of the media crap. Famous for his motivational speaking and author position for the New York Times, Cardone proves his insightful expertise with his loyal Periscope followers.

Number Two: Shawn Thomas – @akashawnthomas

Shawn Thomas names himself to be a lifestyle entrepreneur and aims to aid his followers in building their self-employed and small business success with his Periscope account. He is well-known for building his own success to millionaire status and is primarily known n social media for openly answering questions about business ventures.

Number One: Chalene Johnson – @chalenejohnson

Miss Johnson is a successful author and fitness icon who has used her fame to help her fans over social media. She has received a lot of her popularity from inspiring her followers to embrace their passions, and being one of the sweetest online personalities. We hope you enjoyed our ranking of the top 10 best Periscope accounts for business!

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