Top 10 Astonishing Things You Didn’t Know About Your Own Life (Part 2)



We brought you part one of the 10 most astonishing things about your life, and now we’re picking up where we left off. Let’s get started with this shock-inducing part two.

Number Five: If Everyone Washed Their Hands, One Million People Would Be Saved Each Year

We’re always treated to some heart-breaking news of people dying as a result of poor hygiene, but there’s something we could all do about it, and it starts with you. If you, and everybody else, could stick to a routine of washing hands properly, about a million lives could be saved each year.

Number Four: You’ll Die With One Quadrillion Bits of Memories in Your Brain

Ever since you popped into this planet, you’ve been storing up things in your long-term memory in the brain. So, how many bits of information do you think you’ll have accumulated by the time you kick the bucket? A whole quadrillion? You can’t argue with that!

Number Three: You’ll Have Circled The Earth Five Times Before You Die

Right from the moment you put a leg forward and started walking the Earth, you’ve been using those legs quite a lot. In fact, it’s estimated that you could have covered about 75,000 miles by the time you expire. That’s to say that you’ll have done five trips around the earth!

Number Two: You Have Two Meters of Nose Hair

Check out and estimate the length of your current nose hair. Now, imagine that you’ve cut it off and it’s growing again. Keep at it until your life is over. Now, if you add up all those nose hairs, what length do you think they could make? It’s estimated at two meters!

Number One: You’ll Spend Six Months of Your Life Sitting at Red Lights

Do you ever give a thought to the amount of time you spend while you wait at red lights? What if all the “life” you’ve spent there could be added up? You’ll go crazy when you realize that you could have actually spent about six months of your life waiting for the lights to turn colors. Now that’s scary! If you look at the above facts, you can’t help having your eyes popping out at the astonishing things you never had a clue about your life. Stick around for some more juicy articles on the site!

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