Top 10 Astonishing Things You Didn’t Know About Your Own Life (Part 1)



Do you ever stop to think about the astonishing things you probably don’t know about your life? You’ll be surprised to discover that there’s so much you’ve no idea of. In this article, we introduce you to some 10 revelations about your life that’ll make you stagger. We start with part one. Part two is coming soon!

Number Ten: You Have More Life Forms on Your Skin Than There Are People in the World

You definitely didn’t know that your skin harbors some life forms whose sheer number is actually more than the total human population on this planet, and that gets you thinking of a figure higher than seven billion. Well, it’s actually true. Now that’s really interesting, isn’t it?

Number Nine: You’re Going To Yawn Hundreds of Thousands of Times

You’ve probably realized that your good body can’t stay for long without letting out a few yawns. Now you’re going to yawn at the fact that from your birth to death, you’ll have yawned for about 250,000 times. Who would have thought of that?

Number Eight: Your Total Food Consumption Could Add Up to Tens of Tons

How much food do you eat in a day? Now, forget about that and think about how much of it you could eat in a lifetime? Are you thinking of tons? Well, you’ll eat about 35 tons of food in your lifetime.

Number Seven: There Are About 900 Complete Replacements for Your Skin

The human skin is continuously aging and rejuvenating, but it’s the number of times the full skin replacements occur, in one lifetime, that’ll send you to the floor. You can’t even guess this. A whopping 900 times!

Number Six: You’re Going to Spend Some Months Just Sitting on a Toilet Seat

For a normal human, it’s hard for a day to pass without visiting the private room. So, how much time do you spend on the toilet? Mind you, if you add up all the time you’ll spend in there in your lifetime, you could come up with a jaw-dropping figure of about three good months! That’s the first part of these astonishing facts for you. Stay tuned for a mind-blowing part two of this article!

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