Top 10 Airports in the World



The Airports Council released its choices for the 2015 best airports in the world. Even though there are not any North American airports on this list, I must say I always enjoy flying Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Number Ten: Beijing Capital Airport. Beijing Capital Airport receives over 80 million passengers a year, and it is the second-busiest airport in the world.

Number Nine: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport receives over 50 million passengers a year, and it was previously ranked Number 5 by the Airports Council International.

Number Eight: London Heathrow Airport. London Heathrow Airport is the third busiest airport in the world. It serves over 70 million passengers per year.

Number Seven: Central Japan International Airport. Central Japan International Airport is located in the middle of Ise Bay. The airport receives over nine million passengers a year, and those people can watch ships sail into the port on the airport’s 1000-foot-long sky deck.

Number Six: Zurich Airport. Zurich Airport serves over 20 million passengers a year, and it is located just miles from the infamous Swiss Museum of Transport Lucerne.

Number Five: Tokyo Haneda International Airport. Tokyo Haneda International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the world with over 60 million passengers coming through per year. It has become a very popular airport for its shopping centers located inside the airport.

Number Four: Hong Kong International Airport. Hong Kong International Airport is located off the coast of Hong Kong. It was opened in 1998, and it has quickly become one of the most popular airports in the world. It currently serves over 50 million passengers a year.

Number Three: Munich Airport. Munich Airport serves over 30 million passengers per year. It was also ranked Number three in 2013 by the Airports Council International. The gorgeous glass architecture inside the airport has become a popular tourist attraction.

Number Two: Incheon International Airport. Incheon International Airport has been awarded the second best airport in the world again. The airport is most well-known for its Korean culture museum and shopping centers. Serving over 40 million passengers a year, it is the 24th-busiest airport.

Number One: Singapore Changi International Airport. Singapore Changi International Airport is the world’s best airport. The airport’s dining areas, shopping centers, architecture, movie theaters, spas, and other special amenities make Singapore Changi the most luxurious airport on the globe. It serves over 50 million passengers per year.

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