Toni Braxton: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



People have loved Toni Braxton‘s voice for so many years. She’s inspired a multitude of people for tracks such as “Unbreak My Heart” and “Breathe Again”. Here are more facts about this vocalist that many people don’t know.

Number Eight: Toni Braxton Had to Give Back her Grammys

After the lawsuit Toni Braxton had to file against the recording company which first signed her, she had to give up all of her rewards. This must have been devastating for the singer, but she had to do it.

Number Seven: She Was Going to Teach

Before Toni Braxton had ever considered singing as a career, she was going to Bowie State University to become a teacher. Things certainly changed for her.

Number Six: She Was Discovered While Getting Gas

While Toni Braxton was at university, naturally, more than once, she had to get gas for her car. One of these times, William E. Pettaway Jr heard her singing to herself and approached her for a singing career. It’s amazing how people are discovered like this!

Number Five: She Broke Broadway Records

Back in the 90s, Toni Braxton hit the stage. She played Belle in Beauty and the Beast, breaking the record for the first black woman to play her on Broadway. It’s crazy to think that that barrier hadn’t been broken yet!

Number Four: Her Sons Have Interesting Names

Toni Braxton knows how to name her children. Her first child Denim was born in 2001, and Diezel was born in 2003.

Number Three: She Loves Men With Sandals

In an interview, Toni Braxton has admitted that she loves it when men wear sandals. She might also even have a thing for feet.

Number Two: She’s Prepared Wherever She Goes

Wherever Toni Braxton is, someone can assume that she’s ready for anything to be cleaned. This is because she always carries baby wipes, which is honestly quite handy.

Number One: She Shops Discount Prices

Despite being a celebrity for many years now, this singer likes to keep it simple. She shops at Ross Dress for Less because they have good deals, according to her.

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