Titanic: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




We brought you part one of this list of facts about the iconic film, Titanic. There is still much to share about this classic film, so we’re here to bring you part two of the list.

Number Eight: The Same Character Received Two Academy Award Nominations

Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart (the young and old versions of Rose) were both nominated for this award. A notable occurrence, since this is the first time that ever happened.

Number Seven: The Ocean Was Three Feet Deep

The film did a great job of making the ocean look realistic, but it turns out they were only jumping into a pool of water about a yard deep. The extras were all dressed in fancy clothing that would then be ruined by water.

Number Six: Neil deGrasse Tyson Insisted Upon a Change

He noticed that the stars were not realistic looking for the time period this movie was meant to be portraying (1912). He sent letters to the director and even visited him in person to insist that they use an image he provided in another version of the movie later on released.

Number Five: Kate Winslet Didn’t Wear a Wetsuit in ‘Titanic’

She was one of the only actors in the film not to do this. As a result, she ended up with pneumonia and almost had to quit during the shooting.

Number Four: James Cameron Ordered Too Much Water

He didn’t think they had enough to begin with, so he ordered triple the amount. They had to re-build the set from scratch because the new amount ended up being too much.

Number Three: Rose’s Costumes Were Designed to Look Nice Wet

The costume designer assigned with the wardrobe for Kate’s character had to make sure they would look nice after being submerged in water. There were 24 chiffon dresses.

Number Two: It Was Kate’s Idea to Spit in Cal’s Face

Originally, the scene was to depict her jabbing him with one of her hairpins, but Winslet wanted to spit in his face instead. It turns out his reaction in the scene was genuine because he was unaware of the script change.

Number One: There Was Enough Room for Both Jack and Rose at the End

James Cameron admitted this but said the movie would have made far less money if Jack didn’t die. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of interesting Titanic facts.

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