Time Warner: 9 Things You Didn’t Know




Time Warner is an American multinational media conglomerate which owns assets such as Warner Bros, Time Inc., HBO, New Line Cinema, CNN, Cartoon Networks and DC Comics, among many others. Time Warner ranks third in the largest and most valuable entertainment companies in the U.S. Here are nine interesting facts about the mass media corporation!

Number Nine: The Looney Tunes V. Disney

Warner Bros’ animated series Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies were mostly made up of former Disney employees who weren’t very happy with the rival Hollywood studio. Lots of inside jokes about Disney were inserted in both shows. In fact, the name for ‘Looney Tunes’ is a parody of Disney’s Silly Symphonies!

Number Eight: Academy Award Winner Rin Tin Tin

German Shepherd superstar Rin Tin Tin appeared in almost 30 Hollywood productions. Apparently, he got the most number of votes for Best Actor at the first Academy Awards. Academy executives ultimately gave the Oscar to Emil Jannings instead because they wanted the ceremony to appear “serious and important.”

Number Seven: A Clint Eastwood Partnership

Every movie ever produced/directed by or starring Clint Eastwood since 1976 has been distributed by Warner Bros. This partnership began when Eastwood decided to turn his back to Universal due to the studio’s poor promotion of his film The Eiger Sanction.

Number Six: Mega-Franchise Leader

Warner has greenlighted three out of the six highest-grossing franchises ever released. Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit and Nolan’s Batman trilogy were all released under Time Warner. The Dark Knight, which grossed $533,345,358, is its best result yet.

Number Five: First 3D Movie

Warner’s House of Wax (1953) was the first 3D movie ever released by a major studio. United Artists’ Bwana Devil came a year earlier, but both movies were poorly received, with critics and audience claiming the 3D effect was “clumsy” and “distracting” in these pictures.

Number Four: The Rise and Fall of Atari

Warner Communications purchased Atari in 1976. Co-founder Nolan Bushnell abandoned the Company after this business arrangement. He claims that Warner caused the downfall of the gaming company. In fact, Warner released the infamous E.T. the Extraterrestrial videogame, which is, to date, one of the biggest commercial failures in the videogame history.

Number Three: The Trump Joke

The Time Warner Center is a modern twin-tower building in New York’s Columbus Circle, across the street from the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Upon completion of the project, the presidential candidate hung a giant sign outside his building that read: “Your views aren’t so great, are they? We have the real Central Park views and address! Best Wishes, ‘The Donald.’” Donald had previously tried to purchase the 4.5-acre area to erect another building in the city, but his proposal was rejected.

Number Two: America Owes ZIP Codes to Time Inc.

The United States Post Office introduced ZIP codes in all American territory after suggestions from Time Inc. TIME Magazine also contributed to the marketing campaign for the new method, which most Americans were reluctant to adopt.

Number One: Time Warner Was Almost Purchased by 20th Century Fox

Time Warner rejected an eye-watering $80 billion offer from fellow American film studio 20th Century Fox in 2014. Fox is currently owned by multinational mass media corporation 21st Century Fox, which is the fourth largest and most profitable media enterprise in the U.S. after Comcast, Disney and Time Warner. 21st Century Fox’s founder and current owner, Rupert Murdoch, is still determined to secure a mega-merger in the upcoming years. We hope you enjoyed reading through our list!

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