Those who live in glass houses…



…are less bashful than I.

image from: (by: SEIER+SEIER)

This unique home is made from recycled windows and other salvaged materials. It is located in the autonomous squatters’ community of Christiania near Copenhagen, Denmark.

image from: (Seier+Seier)

That’s right – this glass house and many of its similarly unorthodox neighbors are part of a squatter’s commune that was established in the early 1970’s on the outskirts of Copenhagen. The land was formerly home to military barracks but after the military moved out, homeless people began moving in, occupying the old structures and building their own improvised housing.

image from: (by: Seier+Seier)

As an expression of “modern architecture without architects” the houses were built haphazardly with little regard for building codes, by-laws, or permits.

Anarchy though architecture is how I would describe it.

image from: (by: Seier+Seier)

In recent years, politicians have been fighting to have the dwellings in Christiania torn down. But thus far, the inhabitants have been spared by arguing that their homes contribute to the cultural heritage of Denmark.

image from: (by: Seier+Seier)

I say keep ’em. They are a tourist destination if nothing else… perhaps they encourage voyeurism but Denmark is known for it’s progressive mindset so that probably is a non-issue. It’s just a bunch of old hippies after all, expressing themselves through creative housing.

Although one website about Christiania did have this ominous and slightly humorous warning:

For your own safety, visitors are advised not to photograph in Christiania, especially not in the area in and around Pusher Street.


For more information on the glass houses of Christiania, see the following links:


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