The X Factor: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)



The X Factor is a British reality show focused on scouting out singing talent. The show features big names such as Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne. Here are some lesser known facts about the popular television series.

Number Fifteen: Simon vs. Simon

Cowell originally said no to an invitation to judge for the show Popstars. Later on, he began appearing on Pop Idol. In ’04, Simon Fuller sued Cowell, because apparently The X Factor stole a lot of ideas from Pop Idol.

Number Fourteen: 15 Hour Lines

Not only do the contestants have to wait in line for 15 hours, but if they don’t have time to be seen by the judges, they may be asked to return another time. They are probably not very pleased to wait all that time and then be asked to come back later.

Number Thirteen: The X Factor Filming is Longer than it Looks

Sometimes it takes so long, that the judges are asked to wear the same clothing for two days in a row. This is for the sake of the episodes appearing continuous.

Number Twelve: Simon Fired Cheryl Over a Text Message

He couldn’t be bothered to fire his fellow judge in person, and instead sent her a text message. She was furious, and went on to sue the X Factor for 1.4 million British pounds for getting rid of her.

Number Eleven: Unfair Treatment

One of the people who auditioned for the show, Adam Miller, sued the show for treating him unfairly. He claims that they begged him to apply and then proceeded to make fun of him.

Number Ten: Getting Over the X

A winner on the show, Steve Brookstein has reported that Simon Cowell made him record an album of covers, and invited him to a dinner party and served him a “ready made” meal. He later published a book titled Getting Over the X.

Number Nine: Simon Needs Advice from Louis

Louis Walsh is no longer a judge on the TV series, but apparently Cowell still calls him for advice every so often. We hope you enjoyed part one of this article. Check back soon for part two!

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