The Walking Dead: 42 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 4)



We really amazed you with our first set of 24 things that you didn’t know about The Walking Dead, and now we have finally returned with part four! There is so much more to learn about this captivatingly horrific television series, and our list offers the best of the best facts that you never knew! Don’t forget to check back for our coming article, part five, to see the remaining top nine things that you didn’t know about The Walking Dead!

Number Eighteen: Behind the Beard

If you have really been paying attention to the series and are really good at spotting inconsistencies, you may have noticed that Shane had suddenly grown a beard in the middle of season 3. Jon Bernthal, the actor who played Shane, was contracted to keep his facial hair; he was also currently filming The Wolf of Wall Street.

Number Seventeen: Filming Magic on The Walking Dead

Based on the particular needs of each season, filming can take months, or it could take as little as just a few days. For instance, the second half of season four was filmed in just over a week’s time.

Number Sixteen: A Sense of Separation

The producers go to extremes to help the actors really feel their characters on and off the set. They even go as far as to separate the eating areas on the set – one for the walkers, and one for the living.

Number Fifteen: A Tribute

During season one, the protagonists of our beloved zombie series are shown in a CDC facility. While there, they met a scientist named Edwin Jenner. The naming of the characters was not simply a coincidence from the writers, he was named after the scientist (Edward Jenner) who created the smallpox vaccine.

Number Fourteen: Too Much Violence

While the producers of the show were trying to get their concept off the ground, they pitched the series to a board of executives from HBO. They turned the show down after they claimed it was “too violent” for their network, but apparently it is just fine for Game of Thrones to showcases human consumption of hearts.

Number Thirteen: Famous Drugs

In the series, it is revealed that Daryl’s brother Merle was a drug dealer for some time. The show presented a bag of drugs to its viewers, claiming that it contained a particular drug by the name of Blue Sky. In the show Breaking Bad, the same prop can be seen holding the iconic drug.

Number Twelve: Paying Homage

In another effort to reference Breaking Bad, Glen can be seen trying to escape Atlanta in a sporty automobile. The car is said to be designed after the character of Walt Jr.’s.

Number Eleven: The Bloody Skull

In the first episode of the season, attentive viewers may have noticed a blood stain in the form of a skull on Rick’s white shirt as the result of killing a zombie. Rumor has it that this is producer Frank Darabont reaching out to his former colleague, Thomas Jane, who had played The Punisher and was being considered as a character on The Walking Dead.

Number Ten: Within the Scriptures

At the start of season 2, Rick’s crew can be seen battling a total of three walkers after coming across them inside the Southern Baptist Church. However, they might have known they were there is they had a bible on them. The sign for the church reads “Revelation 16:13”, which is a biblical verse that reads “Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.” Don’t forget to check back for our coming article, part five, to see the remaining top nine things that you didn’t know about The Walking Dead!

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