The Walking Dead: 42 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 3)



We really amazed you with our first 16 things that you didn’t know about The Walking Dead, and now we have finally returned with part three! There is so much more to learn about this captivatingly horrific television series, and our list offers the best of the best facts that you never knew! Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts four and five, to see the remaining 18 facts that you didn’t know about The Walking Dead!

Number Twenty-Six: Playing the Part

It really is much harder than it appears to be a walker for the show. While filming, the acting-dead are encouraged to avoid blinking- lest they have to edit it out. Zombies just aren’t supposed to blink, apparently.

Number Twenty-Five: Silent as the Dead

In addition to not blinking, the crew is also instructed to stay as quiet as the dead- literally. The scary zombie-sounds are added in later with the help of some movie magic.

Number Twenty-Four: The Companion Series of The Walking Dead

Recently, fans have been able to indulge their zombie-fantasies with the 2015 premier of the companion series of the show, Fear the Walking Dead. The show is set at the beginning of this apocalyptic outburst, and rumor has it that we will be seeing some crossovers between the two series soon.

Number Twenty-Three: Not What It Seems

Because of the magic of modern movie maker, actors have to deal with some intense conditions at times. During season two, the acting crew filmed an episode called Beside the Dying Fire. The night was set to be hot in the show, which is why they had to digitally remove the cold vapor from the mouths of their freezing actors.

Number Twenty-Two: To Build a Barn

The Walking Dead is staffed by some of the best and most talented stage crews, including the props department. They work fast, too! The barn featured in season two from Hershel’s farm was constructed in an astonishing 10 days, only to be burned down for the filming. They only had one shot to get it right!

Number Twenty-One: Before the Prison

In planning the events of season three, the producers had to search the state of Georgia for the perfect location for our crew to squat. Before they found the eerie abandoned prison, the crew had originally planned to use a high school as their fortress.

Number Twenty: Significant Diction

If you have not yet noticed, you may find it odd that not a single character ever says the word “zombie”. This is done to create the image of a world that no one could have expected, that leaves the population unprepared for such developments. Instead, they use lingo like “walkers”, “biters”, or “herds”.

Number Nineteen: Dale’s Innards

If you paid attention in our previous article, you probably remember how we told you that most of the human remains are made of ham. It wasn’t quite so for Dale; he became so beloved on the set that his innards sported all-white meat chicken breasts. Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts four and five, to see the remaining 18 facts that you didn’t know about The Walking Dead!

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